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I hope the excerpt from my book, IN DEEP made you wonder, or even shocked you. Slaughter, you ask? Yep, slaughter!

What else would you call the hacking off of fins (AKA "finning") from live sharks, to the tune of 70-100 million dead animals each year? It's done to feed the need for shark fin soup, a tasteless staple of the affluent in Asia and Asian communities around the world.

It's what's going on in our world and oceans today (and has been for years)—the destruction of an entire species that has existed, even before the dinosaurs, to appease the greed and culture of a people stuck in the past.

IN DEEP was specifically written with a purpose in mind—to educate and propel readers to care about these amazing and wrongly-maligned animals, and see them as I do.

This book was inspired by my lifelong love and fascination with sharks. And it was my utter disdain for those members of the public who are indifferent to the brutal treatment of shark finning that has been the fuel and passion for my writings.

Click here to read more about my book, IN DEEP. Click here to find out more about the plight of sharks and what you can do to help.

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